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For 20+ years, INDEWORKS has been a strategic partner with companies, creators and content producers to reach new audiences in a unique way. Our success has been connecting premiere intellectual properties with investment to realize its true market potential.

INDEWORKS is a content architect that implements a performance development model to identify early-stage, undervalue opportunities and develop a clear path to growth. We evaluate opportunities based upon their potential to benefit the demand of the marketplace and access our strong relationships to build and enhance each and every project. 



INDEWORKS thrives on new challenges and experimentation to create new business models that meet the demands of the entertainment marketplace. We invite positive disruptive approaches to new business models and take balanced risks. We assist our client partners with open-minded and inventive thinking to expand each project’s scope and opportunity. 

At INDEWORKS, we believe in the power of the invention. Each great story should have every opportunity to be enjoyed by the largest audience possible. Our goal is to empower talented storytellers with the resources to bring compelling stories to life.



INDEWORKS’ executive team has an extensive background in the areas of finance, administration and operations, development, design and production for the new media and entertainment industries. Our breadth of talent, expertise and connections give us the experience and reach needed to develop a solid project from concept to completion. We foster an atmosphere of creativity, supporting passion and determination, and continue to cultivate those key qualities for each and every project.


Brett A. McCall


An experienced leader, Brett's talent and expertise have been a leading force behind campaigns for many Fortune 500 companies in marketing, advertising, public relations and entertainment. His foundation in cultural ethnography and entertainment drives a strong relationship between both connecting and entertaining audiences, earning him two Emmys and other numerous awards.

He continues to guide others as the entertainment and media landscape shifts and new opportunities to reach audiences in different ways continually emerge. He has been a key asset for media conglomerates and boutique agencies alike. Through his passionate involvement in marketing, entertainment and new media platforms, Brett has created and produced programming for both emerging and established clients including Microsoft, Chevron and Wrigley. As a Partner at INDEWORKS, Brett continues to employ a unique perspective to harness the power of social media, technology and entertainment for all clients and programming.


Michael Sander


Michael drives strategy and investment for Sortis Holdings (SOHI), steering the firm’s strategic investment divisions. He sources compelling opportunities and directs potential moves through a unique lens formed by more than 30 years of technology, finance and real estate experience. His ability to identify, deconstruct and reconstruct situations into viable concerns has resulted in added value for developed innovative financial & business operations routines.

Mr. Sander’s approach to customized solutions that build on a firm's expertise in a complex capital markets environment with added exposure on both the national & international stage, coverage experience across primary and secondary markets, on-the-ground market knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology platforms with a solutions-minded support to management provide the unique blend relevant to organizations today.

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